The two main projects are a Tank Controller (aka a phStat unit) and an Alkalinity Titrator. Each project has a few supporting projects.

Tank Controller

Aquarium control unit for regulate tank pH through CO2 addition and temperature.

Alkalinity Titrator

An apparatus to determine total alkalinity in sea water using an open-cell titration.


The initial source code and hardware was created by Kirt Onthank. Since then others have contributed to the project, here are a few highlights from recent student lead efforts.

Student Projects

  • The Tank Controller’s micro controller was refactored for testing by Eliam Calvo and Wesley Duerksen in 2021.
  • The Alkalinity Titrator’s second round of development was done by Konrad McClure and Noah Griffith in 2021.
  • The Tank Controller’s micro controller was updated to support API calls by Matthew Ma in 2020.
  • The Tank Controller Manager was initial created by Cameron Bierwagen in 2020.
  • The Alkalinity Titrator’s initial source code was developed by Kaden Sukachevin in 2020.

How to Get Involved

You can get involved by contributing to one of the projects listed. Also, e-mail us at We will send you a link to join our Microsoft Teams groups that discusses the project.


All source code and hardware is available under the open source licenses at